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Multi Purpose Artificial grass

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Multi Purpose Artificial grass


Miniaturka Multi Purpose Artificial grass (2)Render isometric view of Multi Purpose Proplay

Multi Purpose Artificial grass
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  • Isometric view
Multi Purpose Artificial grass is a safety surfaces that  provide comfort and safety for playing in the playground children. Lars Laj company offers high-quality Multi Purpose Artificial grass that perfectly meet all safety standards and  European Standard EN1177.

Multi Purpose Artificial grass is ideal for any surface, regardless of whether it is gravel or sand, making excellent on every playground or sport area such as tennis court or football field. Multi Purpose Artificial grass  is characterized by flexibility and the ability to adjust to any surface, making each play area very comfortably.Multi Purpose Artificial grass is available in many colors: black, red, gray, green and brown, so you can choose the one  which fit best for your requirements.

Critical fall height of 10  feet is available for Multi Purpose Artificial grass. Lars Laj Safety Surface Range easily meets all international standards and guidelines in the field of fall protection. The shock absorbing properties surpass those of other surfaces.