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About Lars Laj Playgrounds

Lars Laj Playgrounds is a company that has more than 50 years of experience in getting children to play together in safe surroundings.

Let the children play - The Concept

Children enjoy to play, Children are born to play and Children are entitled to play - our main aim is to make it possible for them to play, to let it be fun and challenging meanwhile ensuring safe playing.

You decide, We provide - Flexibility

We care for every detail, from a single playground element to a wide variety of inclusive equipment for all, in almost every possible way. Our modular playground systems that range from small units to extensive systems, we offer solutions that suit you.

Safety in all aspects - Safety

Safety of children in our playgrounds is our absolute first priority. Our products have been designed to comply with all the present safety-regulations for playground equipment. The playground system is certified, tested and approved by TÜV in Germany according to the current European standard DIN EN 1176.

The very best - Quality

The use of first class quality materials combined with an excellent manufacturing process that distinguishes our products all over the world. We say our playgrounds last and look good for a long time.

Meet the team

We have a great pleasure to introduce LLUK and LL International. Please take your time to meet the team and read about our history:

Prepare to Play! - Lars Laj Playgrounds.

Our offices are located in Devon, Kent, Sheffield & Stirling Scotland.
Ph: 0800 2922304
For all sales enquiries call Martin Wood directly on 07817 850050.