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Playgrounds projects

Our experienced custom design department can create truly innovative playgrounds for public parks, schools, naturual habitats and other any projects large or small. We offer plans and drawings for playground propositions FOC with no obligation to the customer.

Lars Laj UK is able to prepare a project for an individual play item or for a complete playground according to customer demands.

Playgrounds projects Having an experienced team with extensive knowledge of all relevant guidelines and safety rules, our graphics team are able to combine items of equipment fitted for special needs or alterations if required.
Playgrounds projects The first step of project is to select play equipment and then arrange them on the ground map.
Playgrounds projects Each project is unique, in line with client expectations.
Playgrounds projects During the project process, the Lars Laj team always uses his knowledge and experience to helps our clients to make a right decision. The key being in each project, listen to the customer, be helpfull and help create there aspirations of the project.