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Based on our experience in past innovations and having in mind, tomorrows standards, we are constantly searching for better alternatives and superior solutions in order to improve our equipment in quality and safety.

Design and prices may be changed due to constant updating and improvement of products.

Owing to our modular system, we are able to create a number of varieties that can fulfill specific customer requirements and wishes when creating a project for them.

Lars Laj Playgrounds have a unique quality approach which includes the following:

  1. Our experienced design team have complete knowledge of all relevant safety regulations and guidelines, in particular the norms EN 1176 and EN 1177.
  2. Every single product and design is tested, controlled and certified yearly by the German TÜV organisation according to the acknowledged European norm EN 1176/1177.
  3. After production, all products are carefully checked before they are delivered to our clients.

High quality core components are used, such as larch wood, colour coat sheets, plastic and rubber, stainless and galvanised steel and steel-covered rope, give great durability and moreover, protect against vandalism and particular hard use. An example, our climbing walls are made of 18 mm waterproof plywood, layered with a strong and weather resistant laminated surface.

Lars Laj patented "closed edges" use as "colour coat" sheets in the panels ensure first-class Colour preservation and durability. The sheets Have a minimum of 20 years lifespan to keep the playground colourful and inviting during its whole lifetime. What is more, it requires absolutely no treatment or service.

Extremely strong plastic tube is almost unbreakable with a 630 mm diameter and wall thickness of 12 mm.

In every play-element, all wooden elements are planed and rounded at the edges, and all screws and bolts are either countersunk or plastic cap covered.

Our climbing stones are made of rubber to help give more grip.

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