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LARS LAJ® | Designing a safe playground for toddlers

Designing a safe playground for toddlers

Designing a safe and jet challenging playground for the youngest is never easy.

When it comes to designing a playground for the youngest, the main focus should be on selecting proper equipment, ensuring safety and usability for the target age group. Many play pieces available on the market although great for kids over 3 are not suitable for toddlers. 


Production standards

In order to create playgrounds corresponding with the needs of the youngest, our designer’s developed a line of products paying particular attention to the difficulty level, size and complexity of equipment. All this based on the knowledge of a child’s development stages, such as agility and comprehension levels and muscle strength. As a child grows, it develops better coordination, mobility and strength, allowing it to play on new equipment and continuously discover the playground.

Separate zones

Dividing a playground into age zones is always a good practice. This increases the safety of the most vulnerable children and helps parents determine which play sets are safe for their children to use. This does not require separate play areas divided with fences. Zones can be marked out with buffer areas, like a sitting area with benches, a path or a flower bed.


To ensure  the safety of the youngest children, play equipment intended for older kids has different safety measures applied such as hidden or harder access, to keep the smallest of the playground users from climbing on higher platforms or accessing equipment they are unable to operate.

Play equipment recommended for children over 3 years of age:
-Mary-go-rounds require highly developed coordination

-Seesaws require the ability to keep ones balance and social skills allowing children to cooperate with each other.

- Horizontal Ladders require eye to hand coordination and developed upper body muscles; this equipment is recommended for children over 4.

- Ladders like horizontal ladders, they require eye to hand and leg coordination; recommended for older age groups, due to the possibility of falls.

- Cable Lines require a sense of balance and agility to keep the upright position on the seat.

- Balance Beams require highly developed balance and muscles to keep a proper body posture, preventing them from falling off.

- Leg Rolls due to the complexity of this equipment, it requires good motor coordination and body strength acquired later in life.

Playground toys that can be easily use on a  playground for Toddlers:

- Low playhouses and small climbers
- Devices with the platforms lower than 80cm
- Sloping ramps with climbing stones
- Short slides with a slope up to 30 °
- Spiral slides with a single 360 ° twist
- Swings with cradle or basket seat
- Springs with wide seats (about 30-40cm)
- Sandboxes


Designing a safe and jet challenging playground for the youngest is never easy. To help you get a better sense of the needs of toddlers  and  pick the adequate equipment we have prepared a special category TODDLERS, where you will find a wide range of equipment suitable for children under 3.

Let's create an eco-playground together

Our planet is demanding more and more care and respect from us - at Lars Laj we think about its future - after all, the most important thing for us is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!

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We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!


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