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Earth Day 2021

At Lars Laj we know that taking care of our planet is the responsibility of all of us. We do it out of concern for the Earth and for our children and generations to come. Segregating waste, choosing organically grown or locally sourced food, buying environmentally friendly products - these are the things we try our best to do every day to help create a better future for all.

Lars Laj is not only a manufacturing company, but also a workplace and a community of committed people of all ages that has been working for years to move in a "green" direction. We think of ourselves as a family looking after one another.

Our playgrounds are made of the highest quality wood sourced from sustainable and certified crops. Our wood not only visually harmonizes with the environment, it is also a natural part of it.

Lars Laj products also last for years, even decades! By investing in products that can stand the test of time, we help the environment to survive in good shape.

We also work very hard to contribute internally to minimizing our carbon footprint.