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Integrative playground

Playing with other children is an integral part of young people's development - it teaches teamwork, creative thinking and managing everyday situations whilst having fun.



At Lars Laj we make sure that our playgrounds are friendly for all children.  Therefore, we have created a series of integration sets and products, whose role is to open playgrounds for all children’s abilities including motor disorders, coordination problems and disabilities.

Adding even one element from this category to an existing playground allows the integration of children, preventing social exclusion and overcoming both physical and social barriers. 

If you need help in designing an integration playground, please contact us or be inspired by one of our developments.

Chalkboards and educational boards

The series of our educational boards is an interesting enrichment of many playgrounds, both in the housing estate and at the preschool. Tic Tac Toe and Bingo are an invitation to all playground users to play together. The design of the boards (set on low poles) allows easy access to the working part of the board for each child. 

Thematic playgrounds

Children love role playing and simulating real life situations like pretending to be a shop customer, a traveller on the airport or the cook in the kitchen. The access to them does not have any architectural barriers - they can be used both by children in wheelchairs and those who use other mobility aids.


Sandboxes and tables 

Playing with sand has been one of the favourite activities of children on the playground for years. Sand is also a great stimulating tool - often used in sensory therapy. Our series of classic and sand tables have a specially lowered table - adapted to the wheelchair access.


Playgrounds with wheelchair ramps 

Our offer includes integrative sets for playgrounds such as Gamma, Beta or Delta (and many others), which include a wheelchair ramp, and the width of all corridors is adapted for free wheelchair maneuverability. Such a playground can be used by many children from the age of one. 


One of our best sellers supporting children with sensory integration disorders that need stimulation is the "bird's nest" swing. With the seat made of a network of ropes it is extremely durable, but also comfortable.

It is also a great swing for children with disabilities, with a large safe nest seat that children can be placed safely and have fun. Also it caters for all age ranges of children to adults.

At Lars Laj, we still focus on the development of our offer. We work with architects and experts in their field. If you create spaces free from architectural barriers, run a foundation supporting the integration of children or people with disabilities - contact us - we will be happy to help you design the playground you need, and find out what you think is missing on the market!