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LARS LAJ® | New pastel colors

New pastel colors

New colors for spring! With the beginning of a new year we have prepared for you an offer with the pastel version of our bestseller products! Thanks to a new color palette, we will be able to adjust even more precisely to your needs and meet the requirements of the project.

Different colors can have different effects on our mood and emotions. Some can calm us down, others cause discomfort or even fear. Therefore, while creating spaces designed to support the proper development of children, it is worth meticulously choosing what colors we’d like to use.


The products that so far have been known only in our classic color palette, can now be found in the shades of pink, mint, blue, sea color and light green.

Not without reason we associate pastels with tranquility, peace and a positive mood. Providing your child with the appropriately selected colors in the environment will ensure their proper sensory development. 


How to choose colors for a playground?


When we are designing our products, we take into account the comprehensive needs of our customers. Keeping in mind that a good playground is one that corresponds with its surroundings, we constantly expand our portfolio. 


We offer a full range of colors of our products!



Are you looking for the white playground which will be perfect for summer or winter landscapes, or on the beach? White painted acacia robinia will do the job!


Maybe are you searching for the energetic colors ideal for playgrounds at schools and other centers? The Discovery Line full of yellow and red playhouses, green slides or blue and orange swings will meet these expectations. 


Inspired by nature, wooden playgrounds that will perfectly match the forest surroundings? This is where the Nature collection comes in. 


An elegant and modern addition to an urban space? The hero of our today's article will be irreplaceable in this topic!


Playground and landscape 

When designing a playground in a public place such as a city park, a square on a housing estate, or a recreational zone, we must remember to properly fit it into the surrounding landscape.


Modern and elegantly designed housing estates will also require an aesthetic approach when designing a playground or recreational space in the area.

Lars Laj products, despite their utilitarian form, are extremely elegant. This perception of our playgrounds is influenced by 


  • the use of elements made and refined with attention to the smallest details,
  • the use of the highest quality materials such as larch wood and acacia robinia, 
  • the meticulous selection of appropriate colors.


Would you like to customize a playground for your project? Contact us and discover the endless possibilities!


Let's create an eco-playground together

Our planet is demanding more and more care and respect from us - at Lars Laj we think about its future - after all, the most important thing for us is the WELFARE OF CHILDREN!

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Do you need a custom-made playground?

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!

We design and manufacture non-standard play area projects. Contact us!


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Sliding, swinging, jumping on a trampoline and other fun activities are not only reserved for children. The overworked adults also need a carefree moment of chill and fun. That’s why, there are more and more places in the public space with playground equipment which is designed especially for grown-ups.

One playground device instead of many? Check the largest playgrounds manufactured by Lars Laj!


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