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LARS LAJ® | Playground educational techniques that are innovative


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LARS LAJ® | Playground educational techniques that are innovative

Playground educational techniques that are innovative

At first, a playground might bring images of unhampered play and active recreation. However, it becomes clear that it can function as a setting full of imaginative educational possibilities.

Educational boards 

Educational boards present an excellent avenue for creative learning. A noughts and crosses board not only captivates children in a thrilling game but also cultivates their logical reasoning and strategic planning abilities. Children learn skills that are important in the educational process while competing in this traditional game, including the capacity to anticipate their opponent's actions, evaluate events, and draw conclusions. Even simple tools like an abacus or a clock can develop into fascinating playful teaching tools.

educational boards

Music instruments

A fascinating feature of contemporary playgrounds is the presence of musical instruments like bells, cymbals, and drums. These sound components help kids develop their musical awareness, creativity, and social skills in addition to giving play a new level.

music intruments

Themed playgrounds

Themed playgrounds are an ideal example of how play can help children develop a variety of abilities. Young adventurers can play the parts of pilots, ground personnel, and passengers at our airport, getting motivation from their journeys and aspirations to see new areas. Children can pretend to be both vendors and customers in the store, providing an excellent chance for them to learn math through transaction calculations and pretend to purchase. Playing in our police play area is a great way to learn social skills and fundamental safety procedures. Children can fulfill their culinary dreams while feeling like actual chefs in the kitchen area.

themed playgrounds

Outdoor classroom

An innovative method of teaching that moves conventional lessons outside is designated as an outdoor classroom. The integration with the environment offered by such outdoor classrooms is one of its main benefits. Children can learn while taking in the sounds of birds singing and a light wind. Being near nature provides a calming effect that aids with focus and stress reduction. Learning outside can also encourage environmental awareness and the preservation of the natural world.

 outdoor classroom
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This International Earth Day, it’s important to consider what role eco-friendly playgrounds could play in shaping children's environmental consciousness. They are an excellent space to learn about nature and sustainable growth through play. Here is how to create a sustainable playground that will coincide well with nature and the future of our planet in 4 easy steps

The cooperation with Panattoni, the leading developer of industrial parks, has allowed us to create exceptional outdoor relaxation zones, designed with care and consideration for the comfort of the employees.

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