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Kiosk Modern Nature

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Kiosk Modern Nature


Miniaturka Kiosk Modern Nature (2)

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Kiosk Modern Nature
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  • Price4500 GBP
  • LineModern Nature
  • Width391 cm
  • Length472 cm
  • Height216 cm
  • Critical falling height205 cm
  • Safety zone 860x691 cm
  • Falling surfaceRequired
  • Platform height120 cm
  • Age1+
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • Front view
  • Top view
  • Installation manual PDF
Climbing is one of this activities, the kids really love. By climbing they can demonstrate their amazing agilities to ably get to the top. It is worth to note the device designed especially for younger tastes. Kiosk Modern Nature is a multifunctional set of playground equipment, composed of climbing net, bascule bridge and somersaults.

Wooden playground toys as Kiosk Modern Nature offers many possibilities for climbing and overcoming obstacles. Several children can play on it at the same time. Handy set of stairs and  ladders give access to the high platform with a view to the playground from a different perspective.

Environmentally friendly wooden play equipment is the ideal choice for each playground, suitable for spaces like gardens, city squares or parks. The device belongs to the Modern Nature line and has an unique design. It is intended for children above three years of age. Playground safety surfacing must be installed below the construction, and the HIC has 205 cm.