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Miniaturka Trixie (2)Miniaturka Trixie (3)Miniaturka Trixie (4)Miniaturka Trixie (5)Miniaturka Trixie (6)Miniaturka Trixie (7)Miniaturka Trixie (8)

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  • Colorscolor variantcolor variant
  • Price4780 GBP
  • LineDiscovery
  • Width440 cm
  • Length369 cm
  • Height206 cm
  • Critical falling height27 cm
  • Minimum space729x669 cm
  • Platform height27 cm
  • Age3+
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • Top view
  • Front view
  • Installation manual PDF
Trixie from Lars Laj Discovery line is a playhouse for children, which has everything that young explorers need to have a great time. This wooden playhouse with bridges is a perfect equipment for an outdoor certified playground that should be safe, aesthetic, functional and bring kids a lot of fun. Trixie consists of four platforms, three open and one covered. While exploring the playhouse, a child crosses three differently designed small wooden bridges which connect the separate parts of the construction. Each part of the house offers their own possibilities for kids to play and learn. Children can draw on a blackboard, play with square pegs or discover how to count on a colourful counting frame. The playhouse Trixie can serve as a fantastic retreat, a hideout, a climbing wall or an obstacle course. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the playhouse helps in enhancing children's motor skills, developing logical thinking and stimulating their imagination and creativity. The playgrounds equipment Trixie is made of durable materials which are safe for children and weatherproof.