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Combination 16

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Combination 16


Miniaturka Combination 16 (2)Miniaturka Combination 16 (3)Miniaturka Combination 16 (4)Miniaturka Combination 16 (5)Miniaturka Combination 16 (6)Miniaturka Combination 16 (7)

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Combination 16
11782 | Concrete Skate Park
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  • Price5650 GBP
  • LineConcrete Skate Park
  • Width240 cm
  • Length460 cm
  • Height98 cm
  • Weight5530 kg
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • Top view
  • 3D files 11782 3D.dwg
Great fun, amazing tricks and passion waiting for visitors on Lars Laj Skate Parks. Are visited by true lovers of this art, so you can watch the amazing figures and configurations, feel a great passion in every movement. However, to be able to enjoy such opportunities need a well-arranged Skate Park, which will have all the necessary equipment.

Lars Laj company offers high-quality equipment designs specifically for places like skate parks. They have a solid concrete construction and there are designed for bikes, skate boards and roller blades. Combination 16 has has two entrances from different sides.  It  provides not only fun but also safety and comfort