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Locomotive with slide

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Locomotive with slide


Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (2)Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (3)Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (4)Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (5)Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (6)Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (7)Miniaturka Locomotive with slide (8)

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Locomotive with slide
10736 | Discovery
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  • Price3670 GBP
  • LineDiscovery
  • Width123 cm
  • Length444 cm
  • Height216 cm
  • Critical falling height99 cm
  • Safety zone 794x399 cm
  • Falling surfaceRequired
  • Platform height30,45,60 cm
  • Age1+
  • Age Range1-8
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • Front view
  • Top view
  • Installation manual
  • 2D files 10736 2D.dwg
  • 3D files 10736 3D.dwg

Children can use their imagination and socialize with their friends on the Locomotive with a slide from Lars Laj Playground manufacturer. Our colorful Locomotive with slide is the number one for boys and girls on every playground. This unique play unit with the slide and mysterious tunnel handles and a bench for passengers helps to promote role play and use kids imagination.

Locomotive with slide helps children to socialize with their friends while they are playing together and meet new children. The locomotive is designed for kids aged 1-8 years, with the classic designs, bright colors, strength and high-quality components, durability, naturalness, and resistance to changing weather conditions.

The Locomotive from Discovery Line is designed for younger children, taking the first steps into the play area. It is made only from high-quality materials such as durable larch wood, plastic panel sheets with the 20 – year lifespan, and foundation in hot galvanized metal. All edges are curved and rounded to ensure maximum child safety.