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Spine- Ramp

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Spine- Ramp


Miniaturka Spine- Ramp (2)Miniaturka Spine- Ramp (3)Miniaturka Spine- Ramp (4)Miniaturka Spine- Ramp (5)Miniaturka Spine- Ramp (6)Miniaturka Spine- Ramp (7)

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Spine- Ramp
11755 | Concrete Skate Park
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  • Price1940 GBP
  • LineConcrete Skate Park
  • Width120 cm
  • Length294 cm
  • Height80 cm
  • Weight1070 kg
  • All prices exclude VAT
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  • Isometric view
  • Top view
  • 2D files 11755 2D.dwg
  • 3D files 11755 3D.dwg
Isn't it every skater's dream to have their own personal skate park in their back yard? Lars Laj can turn that dream into reality. No more waiting in lines to hit that perfect spine transfer! Every Ramp from Lars Laj's offer is made with quality materials and ready to take your skateboarding to the next level.

One of the best ramps to have can be a Spine Ramp from Lars Laj' s offer. There are so many ways to ride it and they don't require as much expirences to ride on as people think. They can be used on their own, in between other ramps, or right smack in the middle of your big Fun Ramp.T his kit can also be added to the side of the Fun Box to allow both sides to be grinded.
Spine Ramp is 31.49 inches high and  3 ft   11 inches  width. Extremely durable in any weather conditions.