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Rail 25/60

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Rail 25/60


Miniaturka Rail 25/60 (2)Miniaturka Rail 25/60 (3)Miniaturka Rail 25/60 (4)Miniaturka Rail 25/60 (5)

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Rail 25/60
11777 | Concrete Skate Park
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  • Price470 GBP
  • LineConcrete Skate Park
  • Width6 cm
  • Length480 cm
  • Height60 cm
  • Weight48 kg
  • All prices exclude VAT
Base material
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  • Isometric view
  • Top view
  • 2D files 11777 2D.dwg
  • 3D files 11777 3D.dwg
Rail 25/60device is a bar, that  serves to exercise extreme figures. It is one of the most important elements of a well-equipped skate park. A set of several rails can be installed on site, forming the space suited for extreme sports disciplines with more exercise opportunities, what is the most important for young athletes.
One can drive on a skateboard rail, performing jumps and demonstrate complicated evolution. Rail is a perfect product to  practice essential skater skills. The use of professional devices from our Concrete Skate Parks product line is a guarantee of comfort and safety during the first trainings.
Entertainment spaces for skateboarding activity dedicated to children and teens must be diverse, to remain interesting for young people. Rail, together with other elements from this series will transform school playground or residential area into space dedicated for skateboarding. We encourage you to explore full offer in this category range.